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220Na-Indion original strong acid cation exchange Resin

1. Introduction Indion 220Na cation exchange resin root is strong acid, colloidal particulates, which are produced from the process of high-molecular compounds chemical sunfon coincidence from polystyrene. Indion 220Na have size particles evenly, porosity ensures high cation exchange capacity. With the physical-chemical characteristics and optimal thermal durability, Indion 220Na be used to soften water, reduction ... ... xem thêm

The principle of operation of industrial cooling system

Principle of cold preservation repository system is relatively diverse. There are two common forms for use as cooling by wind (condenser) and water-cooled (condenser). The following diagram introduces the principle of the system is usually used for cold preservation in seafood processing enterprises or units provided stone production. Before they used the cooling by wind, ... ... xem thêm

How to raise the pH levels in the water when too low

How to raise the pH levels in the water when too low (filtered pure water production line) pH is an index determines the chemical properties of the water. The pH scale from 0-14. Theoretically, the water has a pH = 7 is neutral. At pH 7, the water so alkaline. Ph calculation ladders is a ... ... xem thêm

Texture and materials of cold storage

Cold storage is a very important device in the book sewing systems industry. An introduce to our customers information about the structure and the materials needed to create a standard cold storage.1. Cold storage panelsPanels are used with the following advantages:+ Very good insulating ability and durability: insulation Core made of polyurethane insulation capable of ... ... xem thêm

Distinguished member of the rock and the rock standard members

Free security-recent times, newspaper says a lot about the production of the stone tablets are not satisfactory. Let's be smart consumers opting for the family stone, quality clean bag. The reality stone tablets are not pure control do you doubt? How to buy pure campus rock really? Ice water quality must reach 40 criteria for ... ... xem thêm

Multifunctional filter material ODM-2F

Country of origin: Russia. The product is a management agency of patents and trademarks of the Russian Federation Republic patent number 2,141,375, dated December 15, 1998. Multifunctional filter material ODM-2F is a product of nature (the main constituent is bentonite, zeolite, diatomite) was activated at high temperature, put into application from 1998 in many works ... ... xem thêm

The only important number when water tests

Water testing is work to do to find out what the "problem" of water sources, like reading the results table ultrasound, patient's blood test. Based on the results of tests we can easily choose the technology and equipment for water treatment. Loc nuoc Viet An index summaries Please note in the table the following tests: ... ... xem thêm

Air stone produce pure tablets Free An

Ice machines pure Vietnamese students An Production process of pure rock, the standard source water taken from a depth of 90 m, well water, ground water, processed through reverse osmosis filter system, and kill bacteria by ultraviolet rays. The mold parts of stone, stone cutters, Turkish water level do the stones, mortars and cold air ... ... xem thêm

How do hot water filter for simple and efficient family

Family water filter model actually not new, today is still very much a family-made filter tank. Free will guide how to make a water treatment system is simple and convenient, inexpensive. Raw materials, mainly quartz, activated carbon, manganese... ... xem thêm

Reverse osmosis technology is what?

One of the first applications of the technology of reverse osmosis desalinization of sea water that is. Today, it has been fairly wide application in handling water. An introduce more detail about the technology of reverse osmosis pure water filter. Reverse osmosis technology is a viable option to be scientific researchers recognized the effect with ... ... xem thêm

What is needed for the production of drinking water close comments?

The business potential of day chuyen dong nuoc loc binh The beverage business in General and water bottle, (including mineral water, mineral water, pure water) in particular is a highly profitable industry. Every year this business attracts far more new investors. Even when difficult economic, food, drinking water is still the most attractive investment sectors. ... ... xem thêm

Should choose Water Purifier or water purifier Nano RO?

Should you choose to purchase your water filter RO water purifier or Nano? Water purification RO technology good or good Nano technology? Free Safety will help you answer thi... ... xem thêm