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Head into the water for the ice machine cleaner

Rocky needs a pure tablet on the market is increasingly large. Do not trust in the quality of the stone tablets on the market, many restaurants, hotels, Cafe has outfitted may lam tinh khiet skin to serve internal needs and self-reliance on food safety. However, the majority of the pure ice manufacturing import requires water ... ... xem thêm

The type of gas on cold clean ice machine system

R22, R410A and R32 is the type of gas being used on the system. So we have these characteristics? Use the type of gas that would be the best cooling capacity? The type of gas that would be safe for? Gas R22 Gas R22 is the type of gas used first on the system may ... ... xem thêm

Softening technology does not use salt and electricity with ScaleNet

ScaleNet/OneFlow-is a hard water treatment systems, water filtration, condensate close against pure not use salt, electricity and had nothing. With the progress in the consciousness of environmental protection, reducing mineral softener systems with ion exchange are lost when in the eyes of users because it emitted significant amounts of salt environment. As the leading company, ... ... xem thêm

Classification of cooling tower

This section talks about the type of cooling tower: Tower of natural convection and convection cooling towers mechanical applications in systems of industrial ice machine. 2.1. Natural convection cooling tower Natural convection cooling tower or tower hypebol using the difference in temperature between the ambient air and hot air in the tower. When the hot ... ... xem thêm

The opportunity for investment in industrial water plant

Vietnam is a country that has many streams and rivers and large lakes (including Lake hydro-electric and irrigation Lakes) with water reserves (called surface water) are relatively abundant. Due to the geographical conditions, the quality of surface water changes according to the season. The rainy season flood, surface water is very turbid due to bring ... ... xem thêm

Learn about cooling tower systems in ice machines

Cooling tower is a device used to reduce the temperature of the water by extracting heat from water and atmospheric emissions. Take advantage of the cooling tower evaporation so that the water was evaporating into the air and atmospheric emissions. As a result, the remaining water is cooled significantly. Cooling tower can reduce the temperature ... ... xem thêm

Equipment for water softening by ion exchange

Ion exchange principles This softening equipment using ion exchange resins to replace the free ions in water are harmful by harmless ions. Ion exchange material is the resin does not dissolve, in the molecular structure has the original acid or conjugate base can be replaced without altering the physical properties of them. According to physical-chemical ... ... xem thêm

Learn the characteristics of the stone tubes stainless steel 304

Stainless steel 304 stainless steel type is common and most popular in the world and is used in most applications in all areas. With the best of his advantage, 304 stainless steel was chosen as the material for stone pipes in a line of clean stone. Join An learn more about this material type of ... ... xem thêm

Advice buying industrial water pump

The pump is a very important part in the industrial water filtration lines, however, buy water pump is not a simple affair for the first out of the shop. Centrifugal pump: is the type of engine, including making the propeller dandruff creates centrifugal jewelry bring water up to the appropriate level. Automatic centrifugal pump: centrifugal ... ... xem thêm

The process of creating of An USAPec Park ice machine

Ice production machines are used to produce ice pellets hollow circular cylinder in use. The texture of the studios have a number of different but the General principles are very similar. The stones are produced in the tube size is often used is 57. Boiling refrigerant pipe outside, in the course of work outside the ... ... xem thêm

Maintenance of compressor in refrigeration system of cold storage and ice machine

The maintenance of the compressor is extremely important to ensure system operation was good, durable, highest productivity, especially for the blue-skin garment vien has large capacity. Air conditioning easy the problem in 3 periods: the initial period when new trials and the period occurred the wear and tear of the machine details. After 6000 hours ... ... xem thêm

Water filter system for electroplating industry

Water treatment systems for the plating industry The industry-standard water use plated with pure water. Sources of water used in production are strict monitoring according to the parameters of the conductivity or resistivity (MicroSiemens/m). the other change unit as S/cm, m/Ω · mm ² and S · m/mm ² also commonly used, with 1 S/cm ... ... xem thêm