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Water filtration technology

Tri-Plex: filters multipurpose All-in-One

Tri-Plex: for customers to ask what "the very best"! The application he thong nuoc glass coin glass khiet: -Reduction of color filter residue-Reduction Chlorine, mineral deodorant-softener-iron Reduction, reduction of fishy smell Enjoy a variety of benefits from the latest improvements in 2008 of WATTS -Perfect design for today for a master filter-handle most floor increases ... ... xem thêm

Water filtration membrane Filmtec RO BW30-400

Filmtec membrane water filter BW30-400 is reverse osmosis, pressure, are direct Filmtec produced in America, An importing and distribution in Vietnam. Main application (day chuyen loc nuoc RO): Filter fresh water from brackish coastal resources. Industrial waste water purification, health Pros: Manufactured on modern production line, strict quality control, is the best filtration membrane application ... ... xem thêm

Softening technology does not use salt and electricity with ScaleNet

ScaleNet/OneFlow-is a hard water treatment systems, water filtration, condensate close against pure not use salt, electricity and had nothing. With the progress in the consciousness of environmental protection, reducing mineral softener systems with ion exchange are lost when in the eyes of users because it emitted significant amounts of salt environment. As the leading company, ... ... xem thêm

The opportunity for investment in industrial water plant

Vietnam is a country that has many streams and rivers and large lakes (including Lake hydro-electric and irrigation Lakes) with water reserves (called surface water) are relatively abundant. Due to the geographical conditions, the quality of surface water changes according to the season. The rainy season flood, surface water is very turbid due to bring ... ... xem thêm

Equipment for water softening by ion exchange

Ion exchange principles This softening equipment using ion exchange resins to replace the free ions in water are harmful by harmless ions. Ion exchange material is the resin does not dissolve, in the molecular structure has the original acid or conjugate base can be replaced without altering the physical properties of them. According to physical-chemical ... ... xem thêm

Advice buying industrial water pump

The pump is a very important part in the industrial water filtration lines, however, buy water pump is not a simple affair for the first out of the shop. Centrifugal pump: is the type of engine, including making the propeller dandruff creates centrifugal jewelry bring water up to the appropriate level. Automatic centrifugal pump: centrifugal ... ... xem thêm

Water filter system for electroplating industry

Water treatment systems for the plating industry The industry-standard water use plated with pure water. Sources of water used in production are strict monitoring according to the parameters of the conductivity or resistivity (MicroSiemens/m). the other change unit as S/cm, m/Ω · mm ² and S · m/mm ² also commonly used, with 1 S/cm ... ... xem thêm

220Na-Indion original strong acid cation exchange Resin

1. Introduction Indion 220Na cation exchange resin root is strong acid, colloidal particulates, which are produced from the process of high-molecular compounds chemical sunfon coincidence from polystyrene. Indion 220Na have size particles evenly, porosity ensures high cation exchange capacity. With the physical-chemical characteristics and optimal thermal durability, Indion 220Na be used to soften water, reduction ... ... xem thêm

How to raise the pH levels in the water when too low

How to raise the pH levels in the water when too low (filtered pure water production line) pH is an index determines the chemical properties of the water. The pH scale from 0-14. Theoretically, the water has a pH = 7 is neutral. At pH 7, the water so alkaline. Ph calculation ladders is a ... ... xem thêm

Multifunctional filter material ODM-2F

Country of origin: Russia. The product is a management agency of patents and trademarks of the Russian Federation Republic patent number 2,141,375, dated December 15, 1998. Multifunctional filter material ODM-2F is a product of nature (the main constituent is bentonite, zeolite, diatomite) was activated at high temperature, put into application from 1998 in many works ... ... xem thêm

The only important number when water tests

Water testing is work to do to find out what the "problem" of water sources, like reading the results table ultrasound, patient's blood test. Based on the results of tests we can easily choose the technology and equipment for water treatment. Loc nuoc Viet An index summaries Please note in the table the following tests: ... ... xem thêm

How do hot water filter for simple and efficient family

Family water filter model actually not new, today is still very much a family-made filter tank. Free will guide how to make a water treatment system is simple and convenient, inexpensive. Raw materials, mainly quartz, activated carbon, manganese... ... xem thêm